Christiana Middle School Christiana TN

Christiana Middle School is an adaptation of a GTG prototype middle school design. This project is located on an expansive sixty four acre site in Christiana, TN.

Housing grades four though six and planned for a core enrollment of 1,000 students, the school is organized in a ‘mini school” concept of grade appropriate academic pods, each with its own student lounge, administration and counseling office.

Easy circulation and clear way finding are strengths of the design. All departments– music, athletics, food service, art, etc., connect to a central “student mall”, a wide central spine that makes access to these departments convenient and easy, as well as creates a sense of spaciousness within the school.

The cafeteria, too, is a bright and stimulating environment that features a modified scramble serving line and the option of an enclosed and secure outside dining court.


Photography by Henry Ambrose Architectural Photography