Cane Ridge High School Nashville, TN

Designed for the Metropolitan Nashville Public School System, Cane Ridge High School is a 318,000 Square foot comprehensive educational facility for 2,000 students.

The school’s educational program for ninth through twelfth grades is anchored by an Academic Cluster of four academic houses each containing classrooms, labs and administrative offices stacked in a double-wing configuration. These academic houses are supplemented by a Career Technical Education wing that is central to all four academic houses and contains vocational training classrooms and labs.

From the Academic Cluster, other core functional groups such as Graphic and Performing Arts, the Library/Media Center, Food Service and Cafeteria as well as the central Administrative and Guidance areas are linked along a two story circulation spine that not only offers efficient access from one group to another, but also allows for areas of student interaction and information such as at the cyber-café and career guidance center.


Photography by Henry Ambrose Architectural Photography