Ennis Regional Medical Center Ennis, TX

This 60 bed replacement facility, designed to expand to 150 beds, is located on 25 acres in a new planned unit development area.  The placement of the building on the site anchors the corner of the city's new growth center. The development was a unique joint venture between the local community and a major for profit health care company.

The community influenced design blends the elements of the town's new middle school across the street with the hospital's arts and craft style inspired design. A tower structure, representing a beacon of light and hope for health and healing throughout the community harmonizes with the local east Texas turn of the century architecture.

This 104,500 SF full service acute care facility features 10 private emergency treatment rooms, 5 operating rooms and a shell, 10 LDRP rooms, 6 ICU patient rooms, and 44 private medical surgical beds.  Outpatient services and diagnostic treatment areas were designed to be easily assessable for patients and readily expandable.


Photography by Creative Sources Photography, Inc.