Gould Turner Group’s Marzialo Transitions Role

June 9, 2020

Barge Design Solutions announces today that Linda Marzialo, President & CEO of Gould Turner Group (GTG), has transitioned from her leadership role with the firm to pursue other community and personal endeavors.

The announcement follows Barge’s acquisition of GTG in November 2019, which brought together two of Nashville’s most well-established and successful companies. Marzialo will continue to serve Barge as a consultant over the next year to aid in the transition.

“GTG has set the standard in the architecture and interior design world for nearly 40 years, and that is due in large part to Linda’s leadership,” said Bob Higgins, CEO of Barge Design Solutions. “Linda leads with kindness and integrity and has created an employee- and family-focused culture at GTG that is a perfect match for our culture at Barge. We are proud to have GTG as part of our Barge family and wish Linda all the best in her future endeavors.”

Marzialo joined GTG in 1981 and grew with the company to become a partner in 1991 and President & CEO in 2005. Under her leadership, GTG has consistently ranked as one of the top 50 health care design firms in the nation. In addition to being active in community and professional organizations, Marzialo has mentored and taught countless young architects, helping them succeed in their careers and enhance the profession.

“I have been blessed to work in an industry I love, in a city I love, and with a firm that I love,” Marzialo said. “One of the things I am most proud of is putting my firm in good hands with the decision I made to join forces with Bob and Barge Design Solutions. Having invested a great deal of my professional career in building and nurturing GTG, it is reassuring to know that the outstanding work and camaraderie that have been hallmarks of GTG will continue, and even be strengthened under Barge. I look forward to following the continued success of our team.”

With the acquisition of GTG, Barge added top-tier professionals with expertise in health care and higher education design, doubled the size of its architectural team, and increased its interior design offerings. GTG’s clients benefit from Barge’s deep engineering experience.

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