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“At a recent meeting, we were asked what sets Nashville’s healthcare industry apart. While there are many valid answers the two that stand out to us the most are the city’s unique collaborative spirit and the depth and breadth of subject matter experts. We believe the intertwining of expertise and collaboration have not only supported the healthcare industry but have become the driving force that propels it forward.

In September 2018. the Nashville Health Care Council released findings from the latest economic impact study. Nashville’s healthcare ecosystem accounts for more than 270.000 jobs and contributes $46.7 billion to the local economy annually. The true scope. however. is significantly greater when considering the global impact of Nashville healthcare firms. The study found more than $92 billion in total revenue and 570,000 jobs worldwide are attributable to the Nashville based healthcare cluster.

The foundation of this global industry traces back to early innovators who were willing to think about healthcare in a different light … most notably. Jack Massey. Thomas F. Frist, Sr. and Thomas F. Frist, Jr. The founders of FLCA. which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, set the tone for how the area’s healthcare industry would grow and thrive in the ensuing decades. Keeping the focus on patients. instilling an ‘all boats rise’ culture, and nurturing talent and expertise are part of their lasting legacy.

Nashville’s collegial spirit has cultivated innovation and encouraged entrepreneurs to seek counsel from the experts based here. Many of the early ‘start-ups’ are now well-established healthcare giants, conducting business across the nation and around the globe. And each year, a new crop of innovators looks to the city’s renowned experts for support to turn ideas into action. This year’s cover celebrates a few of the many individuals required to help companies and providers work efficiently and effectively, institute best practices, deliver evidence-based care, improve the patient experience, rethink the status quo and foster the next generation of industry leaders. Flipping through the pages of the 2019 edition of inCharge Healthcare. it’s evident middle Tennessee is blessed with both a wealth of impressive leaders and a diversity of expertise that allows the area’s healthcare ecosystem to flourish.

As part of middle Tennessee’s healthcare community for nearly three decades, we hope Nashville Medical News is also an integral part of the region’s healthcare community. From the beginning, the goal has been to bring information and insights from subject matter experts to our readers. While much thought and care has gone into creating this fist and ensuring its accuracy. we recognize change is constant. We also know there are other deserving leaders who could be included. Please feel free to help us grow future editions by emailing your thoughts and ideas to”

— Susan Graham & Cindy Sanders, Publishers, Nashville Medical News

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