MTSU Cope West Wing Office Renovation
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Project Facts

Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Size: 2,976 SF
Market: Education
Services: Architecture, Interiors
Scope: Renovation

The Internet Technology department at Middle Tennessee State University relocated to a renovated area within the existing Cope Administration Building. Open workstations with provisions for acoustical privacy help solve a noise concern often inherent with open floor plans. A central conference room with glazing on two-sides allows ambient daylight to filter through the suite and to the corridor. Before the renovation, students and staff walking through the space experienced illumination through light fixtures only – today the corridor is supplemented by natural daylight which creates a brighter and more pleasant space. Within the suite, a collaboration area with flexible furniture and a cafe with light refreshments provides an alternative to traditional meeting spaces.

Within the Cope Administration Building, the IT department was previously tucked away in the basement with no connection to the exterior or the rest of the building occupants. The new suite entrance with transparent glass doors and window graphics provides a ‘branded’ and welcoming entrance. Near the entrance, the design team used historical images of the MTSU campus that were digitally manipulated to cooperate finishes and colors within the space.

All non-load bearing materials of the suite were demolished which exposed the existing exterior ribbon windows and poured-in-place concrete roof structure. The design team kept the original windows as a design feature allowing occupants to have an exterior view and experience southern exposure daylight. The concrete roof structure was painted a reflective white which allowed indirect light to diffuse throughout the suite.

The careful placement and layering of multiple materials provide visual cues as to the division of public and private spaces within the suite. Neutral colors are used as a backdrop on all permanent surfaces while using bright accent colors for furniture and lighting. This concept allows for relatively simple updates when future trends and space needs change. Close coordination with the furniture vendor ensured that architectural and vendor items work together for a cohesive space.

Consultant Team

I.C. Thomasson Associates – MPE Engineers

Contributions to Success

Designed the space for light to permeate the entire suite.

Used color and material to define public and private spaces.

Provided a high-end appearance with the State of Tennessee ‘3-equal’ product requirements.

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